Delivery Policy

Substitution Policy

There may be limited availability of some flowers due to variations in seasonal conditions. Also, the certain colours or varieties of certain flowers may not be available at certain periods of the year. For these reasons, you may not be able to get the exact arrangement pictured on our website.

In situations like this, our florists use their intuition and discretion to select similar flowers that are of equal or greater value and beauty. The flowers delivered may be the exact one you ordered but in a different colour based on availability. We always do our best to match shape, size, colour schemes however, we must acknowledge that some flowers may not be available just the way you ordered at certain periods of the year.

Based on the region and supply, additional items such as champagne, chocolates and toys may vary. We ensure that the integrity and value of items delivered match that of the items ordered.


Our ultimate goal is to satisfy every customer. Feel free to contact us if you are not pleased with the gift or flower arrangement bought through our website. We will do all we can to remedy the situation. Kindly familiarise yourself with our cancellation and substitution policies before calling in.

Free items limitation

You will be eligible to add a free item to the delivery if you have made certain orders worth over a specific total. That said, this freebie is limited to one per day.


You have a 48-hour cut-off period where you can effectively make changes or additions to your orders. Anytime after 48 hours to the delivery date, we will not be accepting any further modifications to the orders. If you requested a speedy delivery for your order, which should be within 48 hours, you will not be allowed to make any changes to the order.

Cancellation Policy

Kindly reach out t us as soon as you can whenever there is a need to cancel an order. As long as the order hasn’t been shipped, we will accept requests for cancellations or changes to an order however, the cancellation or modification opportunity disappears immediately the item has been shipped. All items that have been shipped out cannot be refunded.

If you were able to request cancellation within the permitted time, you will be refunded store credit for the exact amount you paid and this store credit or you get your card credited. If you cancelled the order when the 48th hours mark but before 24 hours, you will be charged $40 or 30% of the order total, whichever one is bigger. The store credits that refunded can be used for future purchase on our site. If you cancel the order in less than 24hours to the delivery date, no refund will be give

Flowers and perishable goods quality claims

During the standard durability period of the flowers, we assure that the bouquets will be high quality and presentable. Any claim that has to do with perishables like lowers will only be considered if it is sent in within 3 days of its delivery date. Flowers are known to be likely to perish within 3 – 14 days and if they come in contact with heat, they may even fade faster. If the recipient doesn’t take proper care of the flowers or plants, we will take no responsibility for this.

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